Wicked gets the Runaround

Fiction Friday picture background by DevIt is time for another edition of Fiction Friday, and in today’s story we have “Wicked gets the Runaround,” by customer service. Who hasn’t experienced this situation in their life? But it’s how we react emotionally as individuals to these kinds of disturbing and upsetting situations in our lives. Wicked is not going to be mentioning any names of It's Fridaycorporations in today’s story, because quite frankly these businesses who jerk people around; wasting our time and operating this way know who they are, yet they continue to do business this way.

What Wicked is doing is venting his frustration in a non confrontational way with this story today, can you relate to where he’s coming from? It really doesn’t matter where this kind of runaround comes from: It could be coming from a corporation that we do business with, or from our government, or just anyone that makes you feel like you’re not satisfied by how you’re being treated. In other words you’re not receiving what you’d thought you were going to get by doing business with them.

This story in a nutshell would go something like this: Wicked spent three hours on the phone today talking to customer service representatives, only to find out that he needs to call someone else to try and solve this Daylight Savingsproblem. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Well, Wicked feels much better after sharing his story today, but don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour this weekend, because daylight saving time has come to an end.

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