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Andy Rooney Likes His Job picture from CBS 60 Minutes Video

Today I’ll be “Using a previous Post” for my writing prompt and the title of this previous post was Writing: When I’ve got nothing to Say! Here is a quote: “I liked this video, ’Andy Rooney likes writing and thinks it’s pretty special work, except the trouble is that, with writing, you’re always working.’ I especially liked the part about what Andy has to say about a writer’s ego and how they are very egotistical people. Thinking that anyone would really care to hear about anything that they have to say, which sounds so familiar to me for some reason.

It was just a few days ago that I wrote about: “Remembering Andy Rooney: ‘True to form, Andy Rooney didn’t hide his feelings about saying goodbye to the broadcast where he’d been able to speak his mind for 40 years in 1,097 highly opinionated essays.’ ‘This is a moment I have dreaded. I wish I could do this forever,’ he said.  Peace be with you Mr. Rooney.“ The world has lost a unique man.

Although, I haven’t written much of anything new for today, by coping and pasting these previously written words on the page, but by posting this Andy Rooney Likes His Job video again today in remembrance of a great writer. His words of wisdom are with me again today and as he said, “It’s egotistical to think that anyone else cares what you think and put down on paper.”

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