Is the past a Prophecy of the Future?

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In today’s edition of Fiction Friday we find our character Wicked pondering this question, “Is the past a Prophecy of the Future?” Will this year end much like many 2010 Ball Dropother years have ended? With the countdown and the dropping of the Times Square Ball in New York City: No one would find this prediction very prophetic, to claim an annual event like this, but we live in a world of uncertainty about the future.

Wicked spends a lot of his time contemplating such unanswerable questions like this and if one thinks about this question. There’s no reason to assume that the events of the past will not keep going on repeating themselves, just as they have for years. Predicting change for the future on the other hand is an entirely different story and here is Wicked’s story about change from last year: What will change this year?

The future is as uncertain this year as it has been since the beginning and Wicked has always had a problem dealing with an ever changing world. But by looking on Crystal Ballthe bright side of life: This has always given him peace of mind and brought a sense of joy into his heart, so Wicked is predicting a great future in the New Year!

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