Wicked’s Story To No One

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In last week’s Fiction Friday the title was An End To Where Wicked Began and today’s title of “Wicked’s Story To No One” seemed an appropriate end or Farewell [Fiction] Friday from the Write Anything site. But Wicked feels like in telling these tales of his imagination that they haven’t been very well received by the audience atIt's Friday this site. And in reality: Who really wants to hear or read about this kind of make believe fictional writing practice? So that’s why today’s title is “To No One” as Wicked goes about telling his story today.

There was a time when Wicked’s Desire was to put his passion into words on the page and he asked the audience: “Does anyone have a fire extinguisher?” But those days seem so distant, at the moment. As he tries to bring back the burning desire to tell his stories; to write to release the constricting elements of life, in the natural.

MeditateAlthough Wicked has told today’s story as if he was telling it to no one, he just never knows when someone my stop by to read this attempt to write this today. Either way, whether this story is read, or lies here mute without an audience, really doesn’t change anything because Wicked has spoken his mind.

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