Wicked’s escape from Reality

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It's FridayIn this edition of Fiction Friday we’ll be using the title of “Wicked’s escape from Reality” to see where his story will take us today. Wicked was trying to ponder the definition of reality and he liked this from the page: “Reality is often contrasted with what is imaginary, delusional, (only) in the mind, dreams, what is abstract, what is false, or what is fictional.“ But Wicked likes to use his imagination to take us all to places that exist only in his mind.

So in a sense what Wicked is talking about today is to escape reality by entering an imaginary place or an awareness in his mind. One of the reasons that Wicked chose today’s title was to try an escape this year’s political election. But he realizes there is no escaping the delusional political TV advertisements plaguing the air waves.

What Wicked has been doing to try and escape the reality of this bombardment of campaign advertising is to meditate on his breath or breathing as these commercials are running on the TV. Altering his state of consciousness has really helped Wicked to be more focused on what’s important in his life: Like breathing!Meditate

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  1. foreualways says:

    Hello Jeff – Well this Award is Real and I nominated you for it! You can read about it here….https://bloggerisbetter.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/the-candle-light-awards/

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