Wicked’s story of Awareness

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You may already know that today is Fiction Friday at this site, and today’s tale is titled “Wicked’s story of Awareness,” as told by our fictional character.It's Friday The very premise of this story today has Wicked questioning the awareness in his mind and he’s reminded of a previous story about his wandering mind.

Or this quote from another story: “Wicked is constantly searching for awareness: ‘is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects or sensory patterns.’ His search for this elusive form of consciousness is to try and see beyond the present moment in time. To prophecy one’s future in a not yet moment in time somewhere off into this unknown region we call the future.

MeditateThis awareness tale or story that Wicked had on his mind to tell us all today was in reality only a perception in his mind. He was looking for enlightenment today, but it never made it into these words on page.       So as it turns out Wicked is to meditate on today’s story to find his enlightenment and to become aware.

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