Wicked’s story about Spring

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In today’s edition of Fiction Friday we have “Wicked’s story about Spring,” and about this time last year our character’s story was titled All of Wicked’s stories are on WordPress! And although spring is a time for new beginnings our character failed to make this connection last year. After what Wicked had thought of as It's Fridayone of the mildest winters he had ever experienced; springtime this year seems like summer. He has already seen the first robin of spring and the springtime flowers are in bloom.

The weather so far this year seems very fictitious, at the moment, and it has Wicked wondering If he hasn’t entered into some other realm of reality, but he’s taking life one day at a time, and hoping for the best: What else can he do?

As Wicked’s mind wanders today about spring he’s thinking about how April Flowershowers bring May flowers, but here it is in March and these flowers are already in full bloom. Although this is a fictional story the words seem very true!

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