The first day of Spring

White Crocus Blossoms

The season has changed, and today is “The first day of Spring,” although the weather is much more summer like again today. I have this overwhelming feeling to get busy and to try to accomplish so many different things all at once. But I also know that planning and pacing one’s self is a much better way of getting things done. The idea or thought here is to enjoy the moment, but to not let my moments get away from me which has a tendency to lead me into procrastination, about the task at hand.

Ideally I’d like to accomplish my goals or the tasks that I’d like to get done, and still be at peace spiritually in the moment enjoying life, and this gift of today. Although I truly like the sound of these words and I’d really like to feel this way, as I go about getting my springtime chores accomplished. It is something that I’ll need to meditate on as I go about getting things done, on this the first day of spring.

Spring time is a season of rebirth: So if I make plans to change how I look at trying to accomplish my goals each day. Maybe I can have a renewal this spring? Or a new outlook on life to enjoy each day, getting things done that I need to do!

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