Who Is This Wicked Character?

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In today’s edition of Fiction Friday we’ll be trying to answer the question of “Who Is This Wicked Character?” And it’s not like anyone else is asking, either, but the question is for the people that may be reading this stuff for the first time.

Here is a quote from a previous entry around this time last year: “The name and Wicked’s Character was started here and was chosen from a list of names to be used in Writing Fiction about this character’s persona in his stories. Not that he’s a wicked person, mind you, as the definition of his name may imply, but that’s just his name. You’ve heard of A Boy Named Sue, right? same difference.

Wicked wanted today’s story to be about his yet unknown future, but he’s settling for this quote: “As Wicked tries to meditate and concentrate in this present moment known as the here and Now. Imaging what the future may hold in his life is anyone’s guess, but his past is over and done with, is the past a glimpse into what the future holds? Wicked truly believes that our thoughts create the reality in our lives: By keeping his thoughts optimistic Wicked is visualizing a bright future ahead for him in his life.

So this concludes today’s attempt to try and post something and to try and answer the question of: Who is this character? As aren’t we all trying to discover It's Fridaywhat lies ahead in our lives and from within our very own spirit?

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