Today Is May Day

May DayThere is no denying the fact that “Today Is May Day,” or Law Day in the United States of America, or International Workers’ Day in many countries. But in my mind the thoughts of dancing around a pole reminds me of this nursery rhyme titled “Ring Around the Rosie” and here are the words:

A pocket full of
Hush! hush! hush! hush!
We’re all tumbled down.

Now I know that this nursery rhyme has nothing to do with this holiday, but it was just what came to mind, so I wanted to share it. Along with this information from Construction Workerthe International Workers’ Day page under United States: “Members of Occupy Wall Street plan to hold a General Strike in 2012.” And this is an interesting question in an article today: “Can Occupy Wall Street Replace the Labor Movement?

Then on a completely different note I thought I’d like to share this video titled 11:11 The hidden Reality and we can see through it! Just to add a little more confusion to this already confusing blog entry here is the video:

Thanks for Listening,


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