Writing in the Moment

Today’s thought is that “Writing in the Moment,” is such a difficult task, because this fleeting moment, is already in the past. The future has not yet arrived, as I type these words upon this page. But yet this unknown place in time has already arrived just the same. I’m writing these words today after reading this article about living in the now present moment; I’m adding this link to refresh my memory at a later date.

I spent quite a bit of time searching on the Internet looking for a quote that goes something like: “We only have this “Now” present moment; the past is gone and is only a memory: The future has yet to arrive.” So I’ve stated this quote that I was looking for to the best of my ability at the moment.

The thought on my mind about writing in this present moment, seems like a lesson on futility, because the moment is gone, before I can even type the words. But there could very well be something that I’m missing here, too, and that might be to use one’s imagination to get them somewhere they are trying to be.

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I started my Blog on November 25, 2006 and I wanted a Web page where I could "Learn Something New!" Windows Live Spaces made it so easy that even I could do it. I made a commitment to myself to write something in my Blog every day. My writing challenge ended on May 23, 2012.
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