Unwritten Fiction Friday Stories

Today I thought I’d try to write about the “Unwritten Fiction Friday Stories,” because of this blog entry titled The stories that go Unwritten! Now my character that I use to write my Fiction Friday stories by the name of Wicked has been very uncooperative with me lately. So it would be very easy for me to just blame him for all these unwritten stories, but the truth of the matter is that I’m not in the mood to be writing any fictional stories at the moment.

I find myself lacking in putting forth the creative effort to make this stuff up and to tell my “Wicked’s stories” that use to seem to unfold by themselves on the page. Here is quote from one of those stories:

There are forces at work in our lives, for which, we have no control over the inevitable outcome of our destiny. Sure, we can make all the plans for the future we want, but inevitability, what is going to happen will happen anyway. There is a psychological idea in our minds that we are planning our future and living our destiny. But out there in the universe there is a law that may have other ideas; that is going to seal our fate.”

It really does make me wonder about Where my imagination could have taken us with these untold and unwritten stories? But whether or not these stories will be told in the future is yet to be known, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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