A New Day’s Page

Today I’m searching for the words to “A New Day’s Page” and this writing prompt is from my post last year on this date titled Writing Today’s New Page. Although today is Friday and I should be posting something from my character by the name of Wicked, he’s got mowing the lawn on his mind. Along with many other things too numerous to mention; he’s keeping those thoughts to himself, at the moment.

This is a quote from my post Words on the page Today! from this date a couple of years ago: “This freedom to just type away and Writing like no one is Reading! Reminds me of Elaine’s dancing like no one is watching in this YouTube video.” There is a realization on my mind that, I should be writing about a new page today, but just typing out a few new words, has been a problem for me lately.

There was this question in my mind Whether I was going to write anything today? But I’ve managed to get a few new words on the page. And I hesitate in calling what I’m going through at the moment, as writer’s block, because it is more like I just don’t feel much like expressing myself in words or writing. It is more like I am in one of those moods kind of a thing…If you know what I mean?

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About Jeff

I started my Blog on November 25, 2006 and I wanted a Web page where I could "Learn Something New!" Windows Live Spaces made it so easy that even I could do it. I made a commitment to myself to write something in my Blog every day. My writing challenge ended on May 23, 2012.
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