Is there Time to Write?

Today’s question “Is there Time to Write?” This writing prompt has come to mind because of a couple of reasons, one of which, was my post from last year on this date titled Writing On Judgment Day. The other reason that I’ve chosen today’s question was because of this post showing up on my statistics page which is asking a very similar question about are you “Unhappy about Time?

Although today’s question about whether there is time to express myself in writing something The question of time is not my problem. Or is it? None of us knows how much time we have to enjoy life. Now my problem with trying to write something each day doesn’t reflect so much on the time that I have, but it is about coming up with something of interest to say with my words.

It's about timeI could have all the time in the world to write, but without having something of interest to say What difference would it make? And I’m not just talking about of interest to you the reader, but of interest to myself as well. As the time seems to go zooming by as I write these words so I guess there was time to write!

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My Unique Life in Windows Live Space | Writing just to Write!


About Jeff

I started my Blog on November 25, 2006 and I wanted a Web page where I could "Learn Something New!" Windows Live Spaces made it so easy that even I could do it. I made a commitment to myself to write something in my Blog every day. My writing challenge ended on May 23, 2012.
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