God Will Bring Justice

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This is the first Sunday of the Summer Olympic Games in London, and Joel Osteen’s message is titled “God Will Bring Justice,” and even if life isn’t fair, God is fair. These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast, and please Reclinerfeel free to Click Here for today’s Podcast, to listen to it for yourself. Whatever injustice you may feel has happened to you in your life,  get in agreement with God knowing, He can turn things around and make them right in your life.

When our faith is put to the test of injustice in our lives, we need to realize that God’s will shall be done, and He shall be our Redeemer of these injustices. We need to know that our God is a God of justice and He will settle our case. No matter the difficulties that we face in this life; God’s justice will prevail. We need to rejoice knowing that our God is in control and He is a God of justice.

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

This is the information from This Week’s Message page about today’s broadcast titled God Will Bring Justice by Joel Osteen:

We all know how it feels to face unfair situations where someone has spoken falsely about us or we were mistreated.

In this message, Joel reminds us that God is our greatest vindicator, and He wants to make all our wrongs right! He promises us in Isaiah 61:7 that He will pay us back for every injustice. All we need to do is keep our focus on Him and let Him go to work. He’ll not just settle our case; He’ll do more than we can ask, imagine or think!

Receive God’s justice and be blessed!

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