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On this World Series Sunday, Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Stay in the Game,” and with the Detroit Tigers down 3/0 to the San Francisco Giants. Let me just say, Go Tigers!Bless You Boys” on tonight’s game. I think the Tigers need to hear Joel’s words to “stay in the game” if they are going to have a chance in this series. These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast. Please feel free to Click Here for today’s Podcast, to listen to it for yourself.

“God has a greater reward for people who are faithful in the tough times,” and “God Reclinerwill take your scars and turn them into stars,” were the words Joel used. When we are facing hard times we should arise from our discouragement. When God sees you in the game doing your best, He will do His part and give us a new perspective to fulfill our destiny. Our lives are not over when we have a setback, God has an after this in our future. When God sees you in the game, He will give you the strength to fight the good fight, and win the game.

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

This is the information from the podcast page about today’s broadcast titled Stay in the Game by Joel Osteen:

Many people are sitting on the sidelines of life and not moving forward because they have been injured. Maybe it was from a health issue, a divorce, a job lay off, or a bad break.

But in this message, Joel reminds you that God has promised He will give you beauty for your ashes and pay you back double for the wrongs in your life. You will be inspired to keep pressing forward into victory with encouragement from eye-opening Bible stories of men and women who knew what it was like to suffer great loss, but in the end saw God promote and bless them like never before.

Stay in the game and be blessed!

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