Don’t Fuel the Fire

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It’s a time of remembrance of the sacrifices of our veterans on this Veterans Day Sunday, and Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Don’t Fuel the Fire,” we all have Reclineropportunities to make people look bad. We should do our best to never show people in an unflattering light. These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast. Please feel free to Click Here for today’s Podcast, to listen to it for yourself.

Joel told this quote that he liked: “Have you heard a word against your neighbor? Then let it die within you.” Love covers a fault, but we should not add to their pain by talking about them. When you sow a seed and protect some one’s reputation, you are sowing a seed to protect your own reputation, in God’s eyes. We should not believe everything we hear about someone, unless we hear it from the real source.

Joel quoted these verses of Scripture:

This is the information from This Week’s Message page about today’s broadcast titled Don’t Fuel the Fire by Joel Osteen:

We live in a society that’s filled with gossip and rumors. Every day there are opportunities to talk about others.

But as innocent as it may seem to gossip, this actually can keep us from God’s best. In this message, Joel teaches us the power of mercy and the importance of keeping quiet. Proverbs says, “Have you heard a word against your neighbor? Then let it die within you.” When we protect a reputation, we are sowing seeds for our time of need. Mercy sets the tone for blessing in your life.

May God show you mercy!

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