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International Day of Peace

Thanks for Listening,        Jeff My Unique Life in Windows Live Space | Writing just to Write!

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The Candle Lighter Award

In yesterday’s Fiction Friday entry Michael left a comment informing me that he was giving me “The Candle Lighter Award” and this post is to say, “Thank You!” Although I am honored that Michael has tagged me with this award … Continue reading

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An End To Where Wicked Began

Today’s edition of Fiction Friday is titled “An End To Where Wicked Began,” because over at the Write Anything site it says: “Please Note This Will Be The Final [Fiction] Friday Challenge!“ and here is the link to my first … Continue reading

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Honoring Our Veterans Today!

Is it too much to ask that you, “Remember Me!” on Veterans Day as we’re “Honoring Our Veterans Today!” This is the opening paragraph from a proclamation by president Barack Obama from The White House: “Today, our Nation comes together … Continue reading

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A leaf from the Past

Today I’m posting this picture of “A leaf from the Past” reminiscing again about the days gone by and my previous blog entries from this date. My recalling of the past is not what I’d like it to be. Meaning, … Continue reading

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While writing for Myself

Although I write something each day, here at my new WordPress site; today’s idea of “While writing for Myself,” came to mind. Oh, and by the way: If you are reading this “Thanks for stopping by and visiting my site.” … Continue reading

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The Power Was Out

Isn’t it funny how you never really appreciate something until it’s gone? Well last night “The Power Was Out,” but only for about three hours. But I really missed the fan blowing and circulating the air on a very hot … Continue reading

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You’ll never find my writing Today

Isn’t this a ridiculous title? “You’ll never find my writing Today,” and what I’m talking about is how this blog entry will become just another archive at this site. But yet I’ll ponder what to write about when it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Previous blog entries from this Date!

Although there are so many things I like about blogging each day — One of these things is reminiscing about — My “Previous blog entries from this Date!” This kind of record keeping or journaling about what was on my … Continue reading

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What I’ll be doing Today!

It’s a beautiful blue skied sunny day and I thought I’d write about “What I’ll be doing Today!” After moving my Windows Live Spaces Site yesterday, I started editing all my old Fiction Friday posts, because the width was too … Continue reading

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