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The End of my Writing Challenge

I was not aware that I would not be able to post my blog entry on May 23, 2012 because my Internet service Up North had been disconnected. But here is the post that I wrote that day as I … Continue reading

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Looking at the Past

Lately I’ve been obsessed with “Looking at the Past;” wondering about the future… And today’s writing prompt is from my post last year on this date titled Gazing off into the Future with these words from the post: “Who knows … Continue reading

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Unwritten Fiction Friday Stories

Today I thought I’d try to write about the “Unwritten Fiction Friday Stories,” because of this blog entry titled The stories that go Unwritten! Now my character that I use to write my Fiction Friday stories by the name of … Continue reading

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Writing in the Moment

Today’s thought is that “Writing in the Moment,” is such a difficult task, because this fleeting moment, is already in the past. The future has not yet arrived, as I type these words upon this page. But yet this unknown … Continue reading

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A trip down memory Lane

Today I thought I’d take “A trip down memory Lane” by looking at my previous blog entries from this date. As many of you may already know that from 2006 thru 2011 this site’s archives were transferred here from a … Continue reading

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A new beginning to Write

Today’s idea that each day is “A new beginning to Write” whatever comes into my mind seemed like a very freeing emotional experience and something for which I’d like to pursue with my words on this day. Although I really … Continue reading

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It Was One Year Ago Today

Recalling the past as I so often like to do “It Was One Year Ago Today” that I wrote Goodbye Spaces: Hello WordPress! Little did I know back then that, it would not be until March 13th of 2011, when … Continue reading

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