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What’s in a Link?

 The reason I am writing about this today is that a Link to my Windows Live Spaces web site has been added to someone else’s web site; Recovering Lutheran: Here I Stand, I am honored that someone would have my site … Continue reading

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What’s a Friend?

 The reason I am writing about this today is I had my first chance to add a friend from Windows Live Spaces to my friends list. I only have one friend on my list and that’s my life companion, my … Continue reading

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A Spark of Interest

 Like a Moth drawn to a flame; Like a Mosquito drawn to it’s next meal; Like a Salmon drawn up stream to continue Life’s cycle; That’s what I am searching for, a spark of interest in Life that seems to … Continue reading

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Delusional Reality

  Is that what wishes are? I want to make an association between Goals, Wishes and Dreams. They are all thoughts about things that we want, hope, plan, imagine and think about. Are they reality? Only if we make them … Continue reading

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No Coincidences

 Today I am elated that Susan Abraham has left this comment on my article from yesterday Just Write Something: Hello Jeff, I saw your link to my blog in Technorati.  I thank you for your thoughts.  I so appreciate them. … Continue reading

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Just Write Something

 I hate writing when I feel like this; I am doing this because I have challenged myself to write every day. Some days writing is fun, when you have something on your mind to write about, then there are days like today … Continue reading

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The Moody Blues Thought

 Where do these thoughts come from? Out of the blue this song pops into my head today In The Beginning I am listening to it now, it’s a great tune, I am surprised that I remembered who played it. I don’t … Continue reading

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