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Making it up while Typing!

It’s a gray, wet, spring like day on this the last day of April, and I’m “Making it up while Typing!” As the rain pelts on the rooftop with its soothing sounds of music today. The water brings forth its … Continue reading

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The Gamma Knife Procedure

  I had to get up at 4:30 this morning to take my wife into the hospital to have “The Gamma Knife Procedure” done to her in hopes of shrinking a brain tumor that she has in her brain today. … Continue reading

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Going with the flow of Life!

For some reason that is renounced in my mind I’m always pondering questions without answers instead of “Going with the flow of Life!” I don’t think that this kind of thinking is anything new as I found this in the … Continue reading

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Monday’s words are hard to Find!

I seem to have a problem writing when my thoughts won’t focus on anything in particular to say and “Monday’s words are hard to Find!” This is an ongoing saga of my internal need to try and express my thoughts, … Continue reading

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Detoxing Your Mind!

On this Sunday morning Joel Osteen’s message is a repeat titled “Detoxing Your Mind!” Here is what I wrote the last time I watched and listened to his message Detoxing Your Mind!  It’s no wonder that Joel’s broadcast is a … Continue reading

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Joel Osteen: A Night of Hope!

This is a tweet I just made on Twitter: “I’m watching Joel & Vitoria Osteen Live at Yankee Stadium New York with A Night of Hope on TV on the TBN channel!!” and the TBN channel stands for the … Continue reading

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The pictures tell the Story!

  Mother Nature is moving full speed ahead in all her splendors of springtime and “The pictures tell the Story!” I’m new to digital photography but I am just loving every minute of using my new Canon PowerShot digital camera. I … Continue reading

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