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The motivation to write Anything

I just don’t have “The motivation to write Anything,” and what’s up with having this kind of attitude for my writing practice today? Writing motivation: “Is one’s activation or energizing to give more effort to writing activity.” But I think … Continue reading

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What is psychologically Normal?

Today’s writing prompt is a question, “What is psychologically Normal?” This came to mind from one of my previous entries from this date titled  What is Normal? But by writing about this subject again today, I hope to discover something … Continue reading

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Writing is not easy for Me

Today I find myself saying, “Writing is not easy for Me” and this idea, isn’t uniquely my own. Meaning evidently, other people feel the same way as I do about writing and I’m not alone. I found this quote today … Continue reading

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The Promise Is In You

On this beautiful Sunday morning, Joel Osteen’s message is titled “The Promise Is In You,” and here is a quote from a previous entry about: “A Night of Hope from U.S. Cellular Field, the home of the White Sox in … Continue reading

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A Smiley Face Comment

Today I tried to leave “A Smiley Face Comment” on The Daily Post page here in WordPress where the question was “Do you believe in UFOs?” And although my comment showed up on the page, it was blank. This spaceman … Continue reading

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Wicked’s fleeting grasp on Reality

Where will our fictional character’s reality take us today? In this edition of Fiction Friday titled “Wicked’s fleeting grasp on Reality,” is anyone’s guess? But there is quite a contradiction in the words, fictional or real, isn’t there? And what … Continue reading

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Give All Your Worries To God‏

Today I’m sharing this Precious Moments‘ Email I received yesterday titled “Give All Your Worries To God,” because the Lord knows that I worry a lot for nothing. And in this Email it says, “If you like this, forward it … Continue reading

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A Déjà Vu Story Today

I’ve been told that I like to write about my writing, and that may be true so this prompt of “A Déjà Vu Story Today,” should be a lot of fun. But what today’s story is really all about is … Continue reading

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Writing one day at a Time

I usually never know what I’m going to say as I’m just “Writing one day at a Time” and just typing away. Putting my thoughts and ideas into words and trying to write something coherent on the page. I would … Continue reading

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My virtual reality in Life

Today’s writing prompt is “My virtual reality in Life,” and this topic is a combination of a couple of posts that I’d had in mind today. One of which is my post from this date in 2007 and the other … Continue reading

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