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Wicked’s Arbor Day Story!

 Wicked is in one of those I don’t feel like writing today moods, so on this Fiction Friday we have a previously written post with a new title of “Wicked’s Arbor Day Story!” I am a Tree…I am not just … Continue reading

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Life in this World!

 I was reading this article Where Your Treasure is… today, and it got me thinking about “Life in this World!” I asked myself this question: “How can believers be in the world, but not of the world?” And I liked the … Continue reading

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Just writing some Thoughts

 Today I feel like “Just writing some Thoughts” because I like the freedom that it gives me to share what is on my mind. Not that there is anything on my mind that I’d preconceived to talk about today. But just … Continue reading

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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix It!

 This idiom or phrase has come to mind today: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix It!” Because our clothes dryer started making a lot of noise while it was running, and I guess “ain’t” ain’t even a word? But on … Continue reading

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Plans for the future are The Secret

 I’ve chosen the title of my “Plans for the future are The Secret” as a writing prompt, because it was three years ago today that I’d first heard about The Secret and it’s My Anniversary of The Secret!  Planning for … Continue reading

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God Wants To Amaze You!

 On this cloudy, gray skied, and rainy Sunday morning, Joel Osteen’s message is titled “God Wants To Amaze You!” And I’m a little tired from staying up way too late last night and watching A Historic Night of Hope with … Continue reading

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A mind as blank as this Page!

 I’ve been trying to think of something to write about today, but I’ve got “A mind as blank as this page!” Now, what am I supposed to write about? This question brings to mind what I said in my post: … Continue reading

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A Historic Night of Hope with Joel & Victoria at Dodger Stadium: Live Webcast April 24th 7PM PT

Click Here to watch the Live Webcast from Dodger Stadium with Joel & Victoria tonight at 7PM PT April 24th, 2010 This is from the Joel Osteen Live Webcast page: A Historic Night of Hope and Celebration God is giving … Continue reading

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Wicked’s plans for the Future

 Someone recently asked Wicked, “What are your plans for the Future?” This is a Fiction Friday story about how Wicked is perplexed by this prophetical question of: What does the Universe have planned for Wicked’s life and what does his future … Continue reading

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Earth Day!

 Although this date of April 22nd has been chosen as the day we celebrate “Earth Day!” The reality here is that Everyday is Earth Day! Because where else are you going to live? This is the only planet, that we … Continue reading

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