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Peace on Earth

 This thought came to me this morning when I seen this article; Report: 750,000 homeless in U.S. on the Window Live Home page. I was listening to a U2 song; Peace On Earth and the lyrics, Jesus, can you take the time … Continue reading

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Stock Market has a Sale

 What a coincidence that I had an appointment with my financial adviser today, but there are no coincidences, did I save myself from taking a loss today in the "Stock Market"? No, I didn’t, am I concerned? Yes, I am looking … Continue reading

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Humiliation in Blogging

 Humiliation is an emotion that I want to write about today, it’s in my article; Looking for an Epiphany in 2007 and I had talked about writing about all these emotions. I wrote about it a little bit yesterday but I didn’t … Continue reading

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Why am I Blogging?

 The reason I am writing about this today is I read this article; Life in the Blogosphere: Why Are We Here? And I left this comment; Why am I blogging? I ask myself that question every day when I attempt to … Continue reading

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Add a Comment

 This is to all the people’s Blogs that I visited and didn’t leave a comment. I know you know that I was there because I showed up on your statistics counter. But for one reason or another I didn’t leave … Continue reading

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Are You a Friendly Person?

 Have you ever noticed that friendly people are few and far between? I am always surprised when I meet someone who is friendly, like what do they want for me? I think that being friendly is a wonderful way to … Continue reading

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Making Decisions

 Making decisions is one of the hardest things in the world for me to do. When what you’re deciding has life altering consequences and you have more questions than answers. I am not talking about deciding what to wear or … Continue reading

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Learn by Doing

 Have you ever tried to do something and you thought you knew how to it but when you actually did it; it was different than you thought. That sounds ridiculous, what are you trying to say? I tried to make … Continue reading

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Where to Start?

 I have so many thoughts about what to write about today. I don’t know which ones I will allow myself to share with the world. I think that’s what makes writing so hard for me. I want to think that … Continue reading

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The Art of Happiness

 Who doesn’t want to be happy? I don’t think anyone wouldn’t want to be happy I started reading; The Art of Happiness: A Handbook for Living (Hardcover) by Dalai Lama (Author), Howard C. Cutler (Author) "I believe that the very … Continue reading

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