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God Will Use You With Your Limitations

It is a very damp, moist, and humid Sunday…Joel Osteen’s message is titled “God Will Use You With Your Limitations,” and the Lord knows that I’m very limited. These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened … Continue reading

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This may not interest You

Like so many of the things I write about each day “This may not interest You,” but I’m getting some practice by Writing just to Write. I’ve given up a long time ago with How to Get More Traffic to … Continue reading

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Wicked’s politics for America

Today’s Fiction Friday story “Wicked’s politics for America” is to be an epiphany of him looking at our government. What were our members of Congress thinking when they ran up this huge deficit? Now all of a sudden there’s this … Continue reading

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This blog post is under Construction

Today’s writing prompt of “This blog post is under Construction” is something that I’ve tried before with Trying something different Today! Suffice to say, “That idea didn’t turnout so well,” as I didn’t go back and write anything else that … Continue reading

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Letting my voice be Heard

Today I want to talk about “Letting my voice be Heard,” by Writing just to Write and although my voice is just one of the many in this world. It hasn’t stopped me from expressing myself in words. I am … Continue reading

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The Politics of America’s Future

To think that our country’s future lies in the hands of our government‘s elected representatives is “The Politics of America’s Future” in this budget debate. Does the phase “Don’t spend more than you make!” mean anything to our government? The history … Continue reading

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A scrapbook of my Day

Today’s writing prompt of “A scrapbook of my Day” is actually something more like what I’d had in mind as I’m Writing just to Write. I’ve chosen today’s title for my writing practice: Over this idea that This is more … Continue reading

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