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Write about Blogging

I thought I would like to take this opportunity to “Write about Blogging” on Say It On Saturday. I’m writing this in response to Annie’s question and statement from her very inspiring post titled Why writers need to blog, that … Continue reading

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Thinking about Free Writing

 Now “Thinking about Free Writing” is about all I’ll be able to do, because there is nothing free about the way that I write. Today is an excellent example of why I think more people don’t write something in their … Continue reading

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A day off from Blogging?

I am going to use a question from a comment on Words show up on the Page! for my writing prompt today. Happy Flower is a frequent commenter on my site and she asks, “Did you ever take ‘A day … Continue reading

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Yesterday was Mardi Gras!

I had Pączki yesterday in celebration of it being Fat Tuesday and then I didn’t even realize that “Yesterday was Mardi Gras!” and I wrote Words show up on the Page instead. I think that is an indication of where … Continue reading

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Words show up on the Page!

I really don’t have anything to write about today so I thought that I’d just type and see what “Words show up on the Page!” This writing something every day is a lot harder to do than I had ever … Continue reading

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Introduction to Windows Vista

I have been using my new Toshiba laptop Computer for five days now and this is my “Introduction to Windows Vista!” I seem to be floundering around with exactly what it is that I should be doing and when? You … Continue reading

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Believing for a Supernatural Year

May you be blessed on this Sunday and always! Joel Osteen’s message today titled “Believing for a Supernatural Year” has me wondering. Have I heard this message before? I know that I’ve heard him tell that very same joke before, … Continue reading

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I Think Differently!

 When I chose the name for my site I had a really problem coming up with the name because I think that “I Think Differently!” That’s why I chose the name My Unique Life in Windows Live Space, because I … Continue reading

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Coming into Focus!

Although I have a lot of thoughts on my mind today, about different things that I could talk about, nothing is really ‘”Coming into Focus!” I really like this Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus and I looked up the word focus:   … Continue reading

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Toshiba laptop Computer

This is my first entry with my new “Toshiba laptop Computer” and to say that it feels really strange would be an understatement. I used Easy Transfer and USB flash drives to get all the information off of my old … Continue reading

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