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Living Breakthrough Minded!

 It’s Sunday and it’s time to “Discover the Champion in You” with Joel Osteen’s message of “Living Breakthrough Minded!" I like to write down the notes that I took today, as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast, in my blog … Continue reading

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Writing about Writing

  What is it about writing words on the page that makes it so pleasurable to me? I just love “Writing about Writing” and I often think that it is just the simple fact of putting my thoughts into words … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation Plans

I don’t have any “Summer Vacation Plans” but that doesn’t mean I can’t write something for the Clubhouse regarding Marcus’ question, “Are You Ready for Summer?” or his Challenge about our summer vacation plans. He stopped by yesterday and left … Continue reading

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A blog about Nothing!

    I just love watching the Jerry Seinfeld TV show and I know I’ve written quite a few times before about this subject: But that’s what I was thinking about writing today is “A blog about Nothing!” In fact, sometimes … Continue reading

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The present moment of Mindfulness!

How long is a moment? To me a moment is an ever-fleeting thought of being conscience of an idea like “The present moment of Mindfulness!” But the moment has passed, hasn’t it? It is gone on to the next moment, … Continue reading

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Practicing my writing Today!

I don’t feel like “Practicing my writing Today!” Isn’t that an ironic thing to say? I mean, no one is forcing me to write every day…It is something that I’ve challenged myself to do, and I doubt whether anyone else … Continue reading

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Memorial Day: Remember Me!

      It is not too much to ask on “Memorial Day: Remember Me!” This is a comment I wrote yesterday “As we remember those who have lost their lives in military service on this Memorial Day weekend I like this … Continue reading

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Living Without Crutches!

  On this Memorial Day weekend Sunday Joel Osteen’s message is a repeat titled “Living Without Crutches!” If you’re interested in reading my previous post Click Here, but I will be writing about his message again today, and I might … Continue reading

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Chasing after something to write About!

On this Memorial Day weekend I’m feeling a lot like this smiley face chasing this butterfly because I’m “Chasing after something to write About!” Because I made this commitment to myself to try and write something in my blog every … Continue reading

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To find the Words

I have this thought going through my mind today “To find the Words” and to have them appear upon the page. As if by some kind of magical whim the words will type themselves. This thought keeps running over and … Continue reading

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