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Living Breakthrough Minded!

 It’s Sunday and it’s time to “Discover the Champion in You” with Joel Osteen’s message of “Living Breakthrough Minded!" I like to write down the notes that I took today, as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast, in my blog … Continue reading

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Writing about Writing

  What is it about writing words on the page that makes it so pleasurable to me? I just love “Writing about Writing” and I often think that it is just the simple fact of putting my thoughts into words … Continue reading

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Summer Vacation Plans

I don’t have any “Summer Vacation Plans” but that doesn’t mean I can’t write something for the Clubhouse regarding Marcus’ question, “Are You Ready for Summer?” or his Challenge about our summer vacation plans. He stopped by yesterday and left … Continue reading

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A blog about Nothing!

    I just love watching the Jerry Seinfeld TV show and I know I’ve written quite a few times before about this subject: But that’s what I was thinking about writing today is “A blog about Nothing!” In fact, sometimes … Continue reading

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The present moment of Mindfulness!

How long is a moment? To me a moment is an ever-fleeting thought of being conscience of an idea like “The present moment of Mindfulness!” But the moment has passed, hasn’t it? It is gone on to the next moment, … Continue reading

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Practicing my writing Today!

I don’t feel like “Practicing my writing Today!” Isn’t that an ironic thing to say? I mean, no one is forcing me to write every day…It is something that I’ve challenged myself to do, and I doubt whether anyone else … Continue reading

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Memorial Day: Remember Me!

      It is not too much to ask on “Memorial Day: Remember Me!” This is a comment I wrote yesterday “As we remember those who have lost their lives in military service on this Memorial Day weekend I like this … Continue reading

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