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Uncertainty about my plans for Today

 There is so very much “Uncertainty about my plans for Today,” but I guess one could say this, on any given day. Who knows what the future holds for each one of us each day? A feather being blown about … Continue reading

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What’s going On?

 Today I’m asking myself the question, “What’s going On?” And I sure wish I had an answer to this question, because I’m having a hard time coming up with something to say today. But that is pretty typical for a … Continue reading

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Bloom Where You’re Planted

 This is what I’d written last Sunday: “To say that, ‘I’m a bit confused on this Sunday’ would be telling you how I feel. Because Joel Osteen’s message today is titled “Forgive so You can be Free,” but his website … Continue reading

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I’ll rake the leaves Tomorrow

I should probably be raking the leaves today, but “I’ll rake the leaves Tomorrow” as it’s supposed to be a nice day, too. And besides tomorrow is the date that I wrote I’ll be raking the leaves Today! in my … Continue reading

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So very much to learn about Life!

 Today is Black Friday and in this edition of Fiction Friday Wicked is contemplating that he has “So very much to learn about Life!” There is much more to life than the materialism which will be on display today. With … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Day on my Blogoversary

Today I want to wish everyone a “Happy Thanksgiving Day” on my “Blogoversary,” and this is the first time, my blogoversary, has fallen on the Thanksgiving holiday. This is from my post Writing about the Past: “My blogoversary is going … Continue reading

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Making the round trip up North!

 In yesterday’s post I’d said, “Oops! I’ve made a Mistake,” about leaving my shaving kit and medications up north, so today’s post is “Making the round trip up North!” And it really helped me to write about this careless mistake … Continue reading

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