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Happy New Year’s Eve: Everyone!

 I’m beginning to think that I’m sounding like a broken record with my writing lately and I don’t really know what to do about it? Maybe it is just because I’m so use to hearing myself think that I just … Continue reading

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New Year’s Anti-Resolutions!

 I had a lot of fun last year writing my “New Year’s Anti-Resolutions!” And Dale has written an article over at the Write Anything site and challenged us all again to “get the new year off to a creative start” … Continue reading

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All the Pieces

I think that it’s very abstract thinking to believe that someday “All the Pieces” will fall into place! Yesterday I wanted to write about flying, but repairing the fence took precedence over writing about flying…I had a one day window … Continue reading

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I’d rather be Flying!

  It’s such a beautiful day “I’d rather be Flying!” I don’t know what made me think that I could ever become a pilot, but that’s what I majored in when I decided to go to college. In fact, I … Continue reading

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Developing a Personal Growth Plan!

 I can describe this Sunday in one word “Windy” and Joel Osteen’s message today is a repeat titled “Developing a Personal Growth Plan!” You can read my notes from his previous broadcast that I had titled “Learn Something New!” Joel’s … Continue reading

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The Year’s Gone By!

 I’m really struggling with some words to say today and I’m very nostalgic about “The Year’s Gone By!” I like to write about my previous Blog entries and now that I’ve been writing every day for over two years I’ve … Continue reading

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Wicked’s Story: The day after Christmas!

[Fiction] Friday At Write Anything: “You call yourself a writer? Prove it.” [Fiction] Friday Challenge December 26, 2008: This Week’s Theme: In honor of the Traditional Boxing Day, write about a Role Reversal. Previous Wicked Stories (Fiction Friday) (I) (II) … Continue reading

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