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Writing is just Words

Today’s prompt “Writing is just Words” has taken on a new meaning to my blog’s theme of Writing just to Write. As I try to practice writing today to proficiently put these words into sentences and paragraphs. To share my … Continue reading

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Internet Addiction or La-Z-Boy Lounge Chair-itis?

Today I want to talk about “Internet Addiction or La-Z-Boy Lounge Chair-itis?” What do I have to do to change this kind of behavior? I could probably learn a lot by doing something about changing my lifestyle from the twelve-step program, … Continue reading

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In hindsight are the Answers

After contemplating about the many unanswered questions in yesterday’s post, today’s writing prompt is “In hindsight are the Answers,” of second guessing one’s decisions. This quote from Wikipedia: “hindsight bias is when, after viewing the outcome of a potentially unforeseeable … Continue reading

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So many unanswered Questions

Today I feel like there are “So many unanswered Questions” on my mind…Am I doing the right thing? or Would there be a better time to accomplish this task? Second guessing myself seems to occupy my mind much of the … Continue reading

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Remind God What He Said

On this very beautiful Sunday in the summertime season, Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Remind God What He Said,” by using the Bible to state your case. These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened to … Continue reading

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Love is the key to Life!

Today’s epiphany came to mind for some strange reason as “Love is the key to Life!” Although my thoughts on this enlightening moment aren’t very clear, it’s defiantly a matter of searching one’s heart, to find the answers. This entry … Continue reading

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Wicked’s story on a Deadline

In this edition of Fiction Friday we have “Wicked’s story on a Deadline,” because he hasn’t been able to find the time to gather his thoughts to tell a story. Nevertheless telling a story while writing under a deadline could … Continue reading

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Putting it into Words

Today’s writing prompt is “Putting it into Words,” and of course the question one might ask is, “What is this subject, or this it, you are trying to put into words?”  Actually this topic is a follow up to my … Continue reading

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Thinking about writing Something

I spend so much time “Thinking about writing Something,” when I should be just doing what I’m doing and write. I don’t know if it’s such a bad thing, to try and come up with something to say each day, … Continue reading

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The first day of Summer

Today is “The first day of Summer,” or the summer solstice, which means today has the most hours of daylight. As I hear the distant rumble of thunder on this cloudy and humid summer’s day. The air is thick with … Continue reading

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