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You Are God’s Masterpiece!

 I hope that you are all having a blessed Sunday on this Labor Day weekend, and Joel Osteen’s message today is a repeat "You Are God’s Masterpiece!" One that I could listen to over and over again, because I seem … Continue reading

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Are You Enjoying Life?

 I am writing this entry today for the Say it On Saturday feature at Write Anything and I really like this quote on their site, “You call yourself a writer? Prove it.” I don’t know if I will have proven … Continue reading

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The Clubhouse! Spread the Word!

 When Marcus made a Blog entry "Help Spread the Word about the Clubhouse" I decided to do just that, because I just love being a member at The Clubhouse! Spread the Word! You too can become a member of the Clubhouse … Continue reading

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Wicked’s Any Town Cafe!

[Fiction] Friday At Write Anything: “You call yourself a writer? Prove it.” [Fiction] Friday Challenge for August 29, 2008: This Week’s Theme: Take snippets of conversations you overhear, weave them together into a story. Dialogue Bits This prompt requires a … Continue reading

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What should I write about Today?

  I don’t know the answer to this question, "What should I write about Today?" I did a Blog Search and found out there are other people that feel the same way. I also did an Internet Search and I … Continue reading

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World Peace Event!

  I am creating a "World Peace Event!" here at my Windows Live Spaces site and I had the information all filled out on the Events Form that you use to make an event. I pressed the Create Button at … Continue reading

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World Peace!

World Peace may never come in my lifetime: No one shall know the time of the arrival of the Lord our God to usher in the Kingdom of Heaven here on The Earth! Several things have inspired me to write … Continue reading

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