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Making my blog readers Aware

Today I want to write about “Making my blog readers Aware” that there is a problem at my site. Yesterday I sent in a request to WordPress support and this is the actual Email to my request and this is … Continue reading

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Writing this on a rainy Day

The weather has really dampened my mood as I’m “Writing this on a rainy Day” in November, but I should be looking at the bright side of this weather and the fact that it could be snowing. I was thinking … Continue reading

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Sharing a tweet from Yesterday

Today I’ll be “Sharing a tweet from Yesterday” while trying to bring tweets to my content here in WordPress from Twitter. I’ll be making this attempt by trying to use Twitter Blackbird Pie to share this message: This is not … Continue reading

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Having the Right Perspective

On this rainy day of the autumn season, Joel Osteen’s message is a repeat titled “Having the Right Perspective,” click the link to read my previous notes on today’s broadcast, if you’d like to? This is the first Sunday of Advent: … Continue reading

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The daunting task of Writing

On this the first day after my five year blogoversary entry I feel “The daunting task of Writing” something every day for another three hundred and sixty five days as overwhelming. Like I’d said yesterday, “But lately I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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My Blogoversary Year Five

Today is “My Blogoversary Year Five,” and I would have never thought that I’d have posted something every day at this site. This is my first blog entry and at the time this was a Windows Live Spaces site, but … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

This is my first Thanksgiving at this new WordPress site which was previously a Windows Live Spaces site, and tomorrow is my blogoversary. As I continue to try and post something every day with my writing challenge. But today I … Continue reading

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