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The God of Acceleration!

 On this Sunday morning Joel Osteen’s message is titled “The God of Acceleration!” The winter snow is swiftly melting with the light of the sun and these longer days. Of rising temperatures and of warmer springtime weather. God is accelerating … Continue reading

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America: A time for Hope and Change!

       I really have no idea why I’ve been so interested in America’s government lately but today’s title is “America: A time for Hope and Change!”  Maybe it has something to do with this article about people Who have Lost … Continue reading

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Wicked’s thoughts on Health Care!

 Wicked has been hearing about the debate on the need for health care reform going on in Congress so here is “Wicked’s thoughts on Health Care!” This constant political rhetoric going on in our nation’s government has got to stop. One … Continue reading

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Who needs health Care?

 I thought I would write about “Who needs health Care?” If you are not ill than you probably feel like you don’t need health care. But if you are ill than you probably feel like you do need health care. … Continue reading

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The future of America?

 I made this tweet on Twitter yesterday about this article the ‘Death of American Capitalism:’ The 10 final scenes, and I thought what is “The future of America?” after a “Second American Revolution” as the article states. If we are … Continue reading

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A balance of Zero!

 They say you come into this world with nothing and you leave it with exactly what you had when you started “A balance of Zero!” Are we missing the point of the meaning of life? So many people are facing … Continue reading

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Shoveling snow on Washington’s Birthday

I was “Shoveling snow on Washington’s Birthday” and today is his actual birthday. I wrote about it being Washington’s Birthday? or Presidents’ Day! a week ago. I was busy outside today shoveling the snow off the sidewalk and driveway, but … Continue reading

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Your Set Time Is Coming!

 It is Sunday and Joel Osteen’s message today is titled “Your Set Time Is Coming!” These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast: Who can fathom the mind of God or what His … Continue reading

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Nothing to Say?

How can you write when you’ve got “Nothing to Say?” I really don’t know, but I do it every day. Today is my 1,183rd consecutive day of posting something and trying to write. I really like this cartoon it says:  … Continue reading

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Wicked heard it on the Internet

 This is a Fiction Friday story about “Wicked heard it on the Internet” so it must be true…Do you believe everything that you read on the Internet? Or see on Television? Or what other people may say while telling their … Continue reading

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