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In Remembrance on Memorial Day

 There were strong thunderstorms in the area this morning, and I was wondering if attending the Champagne Funeral Chapel of Caseville Memorial Day Service was going to take place. But the storms passed, and as this article’s title states we all … Continue reading

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Being Excellent in the Workplace: Memorial Day Weekend Sunday

 On this “Memorial Day Weekend Sunday” Joel Osteen’s message is repeat titled “Being Excellent in the Workplace”. Here is a link to my notes, and what I wrote the last time, I watched and listened to Joel’s message. I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday

 On this “Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday” there are just so many choices to make, about what am I going to do today? There seems to always be work that needs to be done. Or just relaxing at the beach sounds … Continue reading

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Talking About Wicked!

 On this Memorial Day weekend Fiction Friday entry “Talking About Wicked!” I thought I’d make it easy on myself today by telling you all a little bit about how Wicked’s Character came about. In that entry I chose the name … Continue reading

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Get busy and get to Work!

 It’s another beautiful day, and I’ve got so many things to do, that I need to “Get busy and get to Work!” But I like to get my writing practice done before I do anything. That way, I’ve at least … Continue reading

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So easy to say, but hard to Do?

 Today I’m asking myself the question why is it “So easy to say, but hard to Do?” And what I’m talking about is writing something every day in my blog. In yesterday’s post I’d said: “I have this fictitious idea … Continue reading

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Springtime pictures from Up North

 Today I’ll be uploading “Springtime pictures from Up North” into my SkyDrive. I’ve already used many of these photos in my daily writing posts, so you may have already seen some of them. But by making a new photo album you … Continue reading

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