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Sharing my Thoughts

 Maybe it is just a passing mood that I am in, but “Sharing my Thoughts” seems difficult Today! I have tried all the usual fixes to this problem of not wanting to express my thoughts in writing, and nothing is … Continue reading

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Introduction to Windows Vista!!

 I purchased a new Toshiba laptop Computer and without it I wouldn’t be telling you all about my “Introduction to Windows Vista!!” This is my third post regarding my introduction to Windows Vista, and here are my other entries about … Continue reading

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God Works All Things Out for Our Good!

 It’s Sunday morning and Joel Osteen’s message today is titled “God Works All Things Out for Our Good!” These are the notes that I took as I watched and listened to his broadcast today: Even though life is not always … Continue reading

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Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an international event organized by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), and held on the last Saturday of March each year, which asks households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and electrical appliances for one hour … Continue reading

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The Animal Rescue Site

I received this Email the other day about “The Animal Rescue Site” and I thought it was just a wonderful thing to do…To help feed needy animals and it doesn’t cost you a thing except to take the time to … Continue reading

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Our Windows Community!

 I am a member of the Windows Live Community Clubhouse and Marcus the community manager of the Clubhouse has written a post titled Thoughts on “Our Windows Community!” I have had this picture saved on my computer for quite awhile … Continue reading

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Cone Nebula

The Cone Nebula (also known as NGC 2264) is an H II region in the constellation of Monoceros. It was discovered by William Herschel on December 26, 1785, at which time he designated it H V.27. The nebula is located … Continue reading

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I’ve never been much of a Talker!

Each day finding something to write about seems harder as the days go by, “I’ve never been much of a Talker!” So it’s really kind of unusual that I’d make this commitment to myself to try and write something every … Continue reading

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Coloring in that Valentine’s Day Card

A little over a month ago I talked about “Coloring in that Valentine’s Day Card” that I had given to my wife. Well, today I finished doing just that, and although I had said, “I have this overwhelming urge to … Continue reading

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Picture of a Great Lakes Freighter

There is something about capturing a “Picture of a Great Lakes Freighter” that I find fascinating. Maybe its because these huge vessels are a very captive subject to photograph…I mean, they don’t really move that fast across the water like … Continue reading

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