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My annual physical Examination

 Today my doctor gave me “My annual physical Examination,” and although I’m very hesitant to write about this procedure. I thought it would be best to have it all spelled out right here on the page. So that next year … Continue reading

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Weathering the Storm: A Prayer

Father God, Today I am afraid. I look around me at this world that is changing so fast and I feel lost like a small boat in the midst of a storm. I am not built to weather the battering … Continue reading

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Twitter: My missing Tweets!

Today I thought I’d write about “Twitter: My missing Tweets!” I went to the Twitter Help Center page and found this article Missing Tweets from Your Account (Known Issue). It was very reassuring to find out: “Please note: Your tweets … Continue reading

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The Commanded Blessing!

 It is a beautiful summer’s Sunday, and Joel Osteen’s message, is titled “The Commanded Blessing!” (Emphasis Mine) These are my notes that I took as I watched and listened to Joel’s broadcast today: This commanded blessing is found in Deuteronomy, … Continue reading

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A look at magical Thinking

 Today I’ll be taking “A look at magical Thinking” because I’m A Dreamer! I am talking about this Personality Test that I took, which in turn leads me to believe that I like magical thinking. This came about today after … Continue reading

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Wicked’s reality is Fictitious!

 Here we go again, with another Fiction Friday story, and today we have “Wicked’s reality is Fictitious!” In these ever changing times in this life, how many of us have questioned: What is real and what is a figment of … Continue reading

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The feeling of Contentment

Today my thoughts are on “The feeling of Contentment,” and it’s not because I’m feeling content. But that it has to do with my post on The words Meaning and Purpose, and how they relate to one’s contentment in their … Continue reading

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