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Making too much of Writing!

 I needed a prompt to put some words on the page today so I thought I’d talk about “Making too much of Writing!” You see I’ve made this commitment to myself to write something each and every day. Now you … Continue reading

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I’ll write something Later

When I get up in the morning I’ll think What am I going to write about today? Then I’ll say to myself, “I’ll write something Later,” but I know it is better to just write something now. So that I’ll … Continue reading

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Blogging without a statistics Page!

 It’s Monday and another day with nothing to say, so I thought I’d talk about: “Blogging without a statistics Page!” It reminds me of walking around in the dark, without a flashlight. I have no idea where I’m going with … Continue reading

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Grace for Every Season of Life!

 On this the first Sunday of the summertime season Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Grace for Every Season of Life!”  (Emphasis Mine) These are the notes I’ve taken that I write down at my site as I watch and listen … Continue reading

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Climbing under a Rock

 Today I just feel like “Climbing under a Rock,” and I was surprised not to find an explanation of this phase, or this feeling, by doing an Internet search. But these definitions of the word hiding: “to conceal from sight; prevent … Continue reading

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Who’s Among Us Visitors Map Get Your Own Real Time Visitor Map! My Unique Life in Windows Live Space

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Wicked’s Address: Who needs to Know?

 Today’s Fiction Friday story is titled “Wicked’s Address: Who needs to Know?” Wicked has been trying to get a few problems at his Website taken care of by technical support. One of the questions was what’s your home address: Why … Continue reading

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Smiley Central World Soccer Team

  My Unique Life in Windows Live Space

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What shall I talk About?

 Oh, let’s see “What shall I talk About?” I’ve already made one post today titled My Unique Life says, “Guestbook gone in Windows Live Spaces? Leave A Comment!” And I also left this comment: “This is a test to see if the … Continue reading

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My Unique Life says, “Guestbook gone in Windows Live Spaces? Leave A Comment!”

Online Games & MySpace Graphics 

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