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Write Stuff Game

 There was a question in this game on the Write Stuff Ask and Answer Game #1 and I was compelled to answer it, the question was; What topic have you wanted to write about, but avoided do so and why? And my … Continue reading

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Windows Live Spaces: Sign In

 I don’t know if my heart is really into writing about the Windows Live Spaces sign in restriction or not, because I know that there must be a reason for it. Whether it’s because of the "Spam Bots", "Malicious Commenters", … Continue reading

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The Secret Link

 Although my link to this article; Positive Thoughts was only on their site; Good Things Happen To Me for a few hours I can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t the mystical power of God, The Universe, The Law of Attraction or for … Continue reading

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ClickNewz Article

 I am so hyped today about ClickNewz writing about one of my articles; RE: Making Blogging Hard it’s usually the other way around where I am writing about someone else’s articles. Today I have five topics or articles that I am … Continue reading

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Positive Thoughts

 With all of the negative things that happen in life it’s hard to keep your thoughts positive and the reason that I am writing about this again today is I can’t seen to get "The Secret Movie" out of my … Continue reading

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Hello! Is anyone out There?

 I have been thinking about writing on this very topic; Hello! Is anyone out There? And today I am going to try to write about some of my thoughts on the subject. I visited Crack-Pot writings Blog this morning and left … Continue reading

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Keep God First in your Life

 Yesterday I wrote about “The Secret” and I wish that I could have bottle the enthusiasm that I had felt, today I don’t feel it but I would love to rekindle it. That energized feeling of having control over your … Continue reading

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The Secret

 Today I found out about "The Secret" have you heard about it? How come you didn’t tell me? I get this Email today from Knowth, in my StumbleUpon site, evidently I had Stumbled Upon his site; This is the Email he … Continue reading

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Conflict Yesterday

 I wanted to use an Adobe Flash Player displaying the words to the Tigger song along side the animated Tigger that I use in my Blog yesterday. But there was some kind of conflict between the two items in question. I use … Continue reading

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Self Acceptance

 Today I am going to write about "Self Acceptance" because I can’t seem to accept "Who I am" on New Years Day I wrote this; Looking for an Epiphany in 2007 and Acceptance is the first emotion in having a Positive mental … Continue reading

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