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My first Halloween at WordPress

This is “My first Halloween at WordPress,” because of The Retirement of Windows Live Spaces, and today I’ll be posting links to my previous entries from this holiday. But first I’d like to share this message from Today’s Word with … Continue reading

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Your Life is Divinely Orchestrated

On this frosty autumn Sunday, Joel Osteen’s message is a repeat titled “Your Life is Divinely Orchestrated,” click the link to read my previous notes, if you’d like to? These are my notes that I took today as I watched … Continue reading

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What’s on my mind Today?

While I was trying to find something to write about: This question of “What’s on my mind Today?” Sounds like a rather interesting topic, to me, which I could use to assist myself in changing a few thoughts into words … Continue reading

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Wicked is just Talking

In this edition of Fiction Friday we have our character “Wicked is just Talking,” and this sounds like something fun to ramble on about today. In last week’s story Wicked was Thinking about whether he’s going to make it to … Continue reading

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Hello — Are you There?

Today’s post is about “Hello — Are you There?” and it is one of Smiley Central’s talking smiley faces. You see? This used to be a Windows Live Spaces site and since moving it to this new WordPress site these … Continue reading

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Horoscope as my writing Prompt

I often find it difficult to start putting some words on the page so I’m using today’s “Horoscope as my writing Prompt,” just to get me started writing something. Because getting started writing something is one of my greatest hurtles … Continue reading

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Google+ real-time Results

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at “Google+ real-time Results,” watching the newly entered posts flashing by on the screen. I’m reading and looking at what people are posting and saying as it shows up on the Internet. … Continue reading

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