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Halloween is more than Trick or Treat!

Holidays that are celebrated from religious or other traditions of origins have somehow become an advertiser’s delight and a means to make money, but “Halloween is more than Trick-or-Treat!” Like so many other holidays Halloweens meaning of All Saints’ Day  … Continue reading

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A frosty Morning!

It is a beautiful day and “A frosty Morning!” The grass is covered with fallen leaves that have fulfilled their purpose of the season. A light coating of chilling frost has cover everything outside today, but the bright sunshine will … Continue reading

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I’m not in the mood for Writing!

 To say that, “I’m not in the mood for Writing!” Would be expressing how I feel today, and I can see a pattern divulging itself to me, because of what I wrote last year at this time: Write Early and … Continue reading

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I Printed My Blog!

It took me almost five hours to accomplish and it was something that I have been meaning to do for quite a while, but today “I Printed My Blog!” No, not just a few posts but my entire Blog since … Continue reading

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A Menagerie of Thoughts on Monday!

 I have so many things on my mind today and I thought that I would write about “A Menagerie of Thoughts on Monday!” I have a strong desire or tendency to always want to copy and record comments and share … Continue reading

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Making Plans To Succeed!

    I Can Feel Him In The Morning!  It’s Sunday morning and I watched Joel Osteen’s message today titled “Making Plans To Succeed!” Joel’s broadcast was a repeat and you can see the notes that I took the last time … Continue reading

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National Novel Writing Month!

Writing a novel is not my purpose for trying to learn how to express myself and my thoughts into words by writing. I would love to consider myself a writer, but every time I try and call myself a writer … Continue reading

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Windows Live Podcast with Marcus!

 Well my big secret will be out soon because I was just in a “Windows Live Podcast with Marcus!” Marcus is the Community Manager of the Windows Live Clubhouse and I couldn’t even believe it when he sent me a … Continue reading

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Just Start Typing!

I can’t believe that I spent the whole day messing around reformatting the hard drive in The Old Sony Computer and it is late at night; I need to “Just Start Typing!” Talk about déjà vu: I did the same thing … Continue reading

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Being Honest With Myself?

 I find that realizing my place in this life is a very difficult thing for me to imagine and I often wonder if I am “Being Honest With Myself?” All my dreams and visions that I thought my life would … Continue reading

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