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A letter about health care from my Congressmen

  I’m going to be posting “A letter about health care from my Congressmen” Sandy Levin that I received today. I hope that he doesn’t mind my showing everyone his Email message. If he wants me to I’ll remove the … Continue reading

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Sorrowful heartfelt Writing

It is with “Sorrowful heartfelt Writing” that I’ll be talking about today. My mother-in-law went into the hospital yesterday and her prognoses doesn’t sound good. They say that she’ll have to be put in a nursing home as she’s no … Continue reading

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Emotional Experience

Writing every day is a very “Emotional Experience” for me to share my thoughts with all of you. Do you feel the same way when you write? I always think that’s “just me” that has these kinds of thoughts and … Continue reading

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Talk about Health Care

   I don’t really want to “Talk about Health Care” but it’s what’s on my mind today. Last night I watched Meeting of the Minds: The future of Health Care on CNBC TV, and then today I watched Obama Answers … Continue reading

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Getting lost in some words Today!

Hello Everyone, It’s another beautiful summer’s day here on this Monday afternoon, and I feel like “Getting lost in some words Today!” This blog entry will make this my 975th day of posting, writing, or at least saying something consecutively … Continue reading

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Don’t Have a Critical Spirit

 Joel Osteen’s message on this blessed Sunday is titled “Don’t Have a Critical Spirit” and I really do need to get the bottle of Windex out to clean my windows today…And I’ll try to explain that comment as I write … Continue reading

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Read only if you have time for God!

Who among us doesn’t have time for God? I know that I’ve received this Email many times over the years, but I’m still hesitant to send it to everyone in my address book…Mostly because I don’t want to publicize everyone’s … Continue reading

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