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Blogging Razzmatazz

That’s how I feel about writing in my Blog and there’s really no need for me to feel that way… it’s "Blogging Razzmatazz." In today’s post I am going to talk about how I get all hyped up about what I … Continue reading

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Maybe this will Help?

I don’t think that I have all the answers to the State’s budget problems but "Maybe this will help?" I am sure that all of our elected State Legislator’s are doing their very best to come up with a solution … Continue reading

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What is on my Mind?

MICHIGAN’S COUNTDOWN TO SHUTDOWN I really have no idea as to “What is on my Mind?” I have been sitting here pondering what to write about today and I haven’t come up with a topic to write about. I … Continue reading

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A Virtuous Soul

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for September, 28 2007:This Week’s Theme: Give a virtuous character a sordid past. Previous Wicked entries: Wicked’s Bad Days, Wicked’s Encounter, The Secret Society and Wicked’s Character A Virtuous Soul She was an angel, a sight to … Continue reading

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Prayer for Peace

I liked this verse and this prayer and I must still be thinking about the 10 Million Clicks For Peace.  It starts one click, one heart, one person at a time.   Again Jesus said, "Peace be with you! As … Continue reading

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Just Write

I am a little off with my writing schedule today because I did a review on Case Dismissed so I thought I would “Just Write.” Not that I think I can, but I am trying to let my thoughts flow … Continue reading

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The Secret: Technology

The amazing thing about inspiration for writing something is I never know where it’s going to come from, like today "The Secret: Technology." I was reading an Email from wxpnews and this article: inspired me to write this review that could … Continue reading

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Writing about Emotions

I am "Writing about Emotions" today for a couple of reasons: The first is because it was something that I was going to do when I wrote this: Looking for an Epiphany in 2007 and the second reason is I … Continue reading

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Conflict in Thoughts

I watched the movie Blood Diamond last night and it gave me a "Conflict in Thoughts" in that I loved the movie but hated the inhumanity of man against man and the senseless killing of innocent men, women and children … Continue reading

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About Writing: From a New Friend

I received this Email today "About Writing: From a New Friend" and I wanted to use it as a writing prompt because I think it could be very useful for me too ponder. I am going to edit the Email … Continue reading

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