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Joel Osteen’s Watch it Live

 I feel compelled to write about Joel Osteen’s Watch it Live broadcast “You are Somebody’s Miracle” because on my Statistics page today this search showed up nine times. Last Sunday I wrote this article; You are Somebody’s Miracle and I said that Watch … Continue reading

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Nothing to write About

 I knew this day would come, it was just a matter of time before I would realize that I have "Nothing to write About" I have thought and thought and it has got me no where. What I usually do … Continue reading

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The Meaning of Life Video

 What would you do if you had an envelope with "The Meaning of Life" written inside of the envelope? Would you want to know? Would you read it? The reason I am asking this question is I watched this video and … Continue reading

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How to Observe Memorial Day

 Have we forgotten "How to Observe Memorial Day?" The meaning of; on this day we call Memorial Day? Has it just turned into another three day weekend? Is it changing the meaning of the Holiday? Similar to what Christmas has become … Continue reading

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You are Somebody’s Miracle

 That’s the title to Joel Osteen’s sermon for today "You are Somebody’s Miracle" I would tell you to go to his web site and watch it but his Watch it Live on the Internet has been down for two weeks now. … Continue reading

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Sharing My Thoughts

 I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time sharing my thoughts with the world. Yesterday I wrote I Have this Argument Everyday for a Write Stuff Fiction Friday challenge. And although I have had the thought of what I wrote … Continue reading

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I Have this Argument Every Day

This Week’s Challenge[Fiction Friday] Challenge for May, 25, 2007: This Week’s Theme: Write about an argument between two people. Your definition of people can be as loose as you want it to be. Meet Jeff, he’s the author of this … Continue reading

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Every day it’s something New

 I never know where my mind is going to take me from one minute to the next so "Every day it’s something New" although I don’t have anything new that’s on my mind specifically, I find that giving the page … Continue reading

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To Rose; In the Moment

 The title today "To Rose; In the Moment" comes from Rose who did this StumbleUpon review on this Blog article that I wrote; Making Blogging Hard which I had in my StumbleUpon Blog because of this article; RE: Making Blogging Hard. The In … Continue reading

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That didn’t Work

 Yesterday I wrote; My Blog is My Widows Live Space Web Site and I thought that I could post this "Writing Tip of the Day" and have it work in my Blog. But little did I know when I was writing about … Continue reading

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