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Finding some words to Say

Today’s writing prompt is “ Finding some words to Say,” because I have a hard time thinking up things, to write about, getting over this idea: That I should be able to say, or write something every day. Is a … Continue reading

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On Memorial Day: Remember Me

On this Memorial Day, is it too much to ask? That you Remember Me! And I’m not referring to myself. But to all our veterans, who have sacrificed their lives, for our freedom here in these United States of America. … Continue reading

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Connecting with the Right People: Memorial Day Weekend: Sunday

On this Memorial Day Weekend: Sunday, Joel Osteen’s message is a repeat titled “Connecting with the Right People,” and click the link for my notes, if you’d like to read them? These are my notes that I took, as I watched … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday

I’m using the same title “Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday,” that I’d used last year on this holiday, and this is what I said: “On this ‘Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday’   there are just so many choices to make, about what am … Continue reading

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The beginning of Summer

Today’s Fiction Friday story is titled “The beginning of Summer,” but in reality the summer solstice begins on June 21st this year. As Wicked is getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend starting today. He is content in knowing that … Continue reading

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Getting A Reality Check

Today I want to write about “Getting A Reality Check” because I feel like I really need one. Of course everyone’s unique idea of reality is sure to be different so let’s start with a definition of reality: “Is the … Continue reading

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Writing in not so many Words

The idea of “Writing in not so many Words” is stuck in my head today, and it could be because I read My Writing Quote yesterday: “Writing is not about how many words you use: Writing is about the way … Continue reading

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Thoughts on my Mind

I’ve chosen today’s title of “Thoughts on my Mind” as a follow up to yesterday’s post and a previous entry from this date titled Looking at the blank Page. The fact of the matter is that I’m making too much … Continue reading

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What do you blog About?

Someone asked me this question today: “What do you blog About?” and my answer was, “I’ll blog about almost anything, and nothing, too.” But overcoming the thoughts of what I think I should be writing about, and then just writing … Continue reading

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God Will Bring You To A Flourishing Finish

In this Sunday’s message Joel Osteen said, “God Will Bring You To A Flourishing Finish,” although, he didn’t mention anything about the Rapture: Or the Day of Judgment that was predicted in this article for yesterday. But I just wanted … Continue reading

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