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My Windows Live Spaces Is Repaired

 Today I want to write about the fact that “My Windows Live Spaces Is Repaired” as of last night. I’ve been checking every day to see if this problem that I wrote about titled A post for technical Support has … Continue reading

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Wicked’s Astrological Chart

 In today’s Fiction Friday this story is about “Wicked’s Astrological Chart,” and we’ll be exploring the unknown realm of the Universe, or the Cosmos, or that unseen Oneness of all things. It is in this mysterious realm of astrology that … Continue reading

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Where is my Stuff?

 Is it just me or do other people have trouble keeping track of their things: “Where is my Stuff?” I was going to write about an antique portable typewriter my aunt gave me, but evidently it’s in storage, somewhere? The … Continue reading

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The words come from Within

 I don’t know where they come from? “The words come from Within” is my writing prompt for today. The idea of the words magically appearing on the page sounds so prophetic to me, but on a more realistic note. Writing … Continue reading

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Freedom From Competition

This is the title of Joel Osteen’s message “Freedom From Competition” that I’d missed and wrote this No new message from Joel Osteen Today, last Sunday. Joel’s site is now updated with his new broadcast, today is Tuesday, and these … Continue reading

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Back to the routine on Monday

 Each day is what we make of it: But it is “Back to the routine on Monday” as my writing prompt. Our thoughts create the reality of our lives. We can experience the wonders of the world with our minds. … Continue reading

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No new message from Joel Osteen Today

 There was “No new message from Joel Osteen  Today” an I checked his site. I tried to watch and listen, but there wasn’t even a repeat to write about. Today’s message should’ve been #469 but I couldn’t find anything new … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer cannot display the Webpage!

 At the moment this is what it says, “Internet Explorer cannot display the Webpage!” So I’ve asked this question on Windows Live Messenger: “Is Windows Live Spaces down where you are?” But no one has answered my question, as of … Continue reading

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Wicked doesn’t like to hear the word Can’t!

 It’s late night Thursday or very early morning for today’s Fiction Friday story, but “Wicked doesn’t like to hear the word Can’t!” Although today’s story will be dealing with generalities mostly…It is a very stormy night with a damp, cool, … Continue reading

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Seeking inspirational Words

 Today I’m “Seeking inspirational Words” to pry a few thoughts from my mind. Today’s Word titled Be Devoted has some inspiring words on “ways that you can honor others.” But like in yesterday’s post I’ll often find myself sharing parts … Continue reading

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