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Wicked encounters a Mistake

Today is Friday, Right? In this Fiction Friday story “Wicked encounters a Mistake,” and it has him pondering this question: What happens in the unseen realm of the universe or in the cosmos when an error occurs in our lives? … Continue reading

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Write about what you Know

I’ve heard it said that we should “Write about what you Know,” but as I write each day I’m continuously searching to learn something new. We are all unique people with our own individual personalities, beliefs, ideals, and lives. As … Continue reading

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What turns up on the Page

Today’s writing practice is an experiment to see “What turns up on the Page,” and I have no preconceived notions about what I’m going to write about. But if I had to give this post a topic, it might have … Continue reading

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A Journal Of My Thoughts

While trying to come up with something to write about today, this idea for a title of “A Journal Of My Thoughts,” sounded like a great writing prompt to me. There are so very many things that I like about … Continue reading

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Speaking my mind in Writing

Today I’ll be trying to or making an attempt of “Speaking my mind in Writing,” this prompt courtesy of The Daily Post, and Erica’s entry Seth’s Blog | Talker’s Block.  And I’ll be using this quote: “Just write poorly. Continue … Continue reading

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Unprecedented Favor

There is a change in the season, as this is the first Sunday of autumn, Joel Osteen’s  message today is titled “Unprecedented Favor,” see the awesomeness of our God. These are my notes that I took as I watched and … Continue reading

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A meditation on Humility

Today’s writing prompt of “A meditation on Humility” is about how one feels emotionally by humbling one’s self towards others with egolessness, but yet finds a balance to Know Thyself in a psychologically way. The very idea of me putting … Continue reading

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