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Sharing a quote Today

While I was trying to come up with something to write about, so I’ll be “Sharing a quote Today,” and this is the Quote of the Day from my Excite page: “Beauty, truth, friendship, love, creation – these are the … Continue reading

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Yes is in Your Future

On this frosty springtime morning, the last Sunday in the month of April, Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Yes is in Your Future“. What is it that you would like God to say, “Yes, to!” and bring into your life? … Continue reading

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Trying too hard to Just Be

Today’s title of “Trying too hard to Just Be,” came to mind as I was doing an Internet search on the words “trying too hard”. Although this thought was originally about Trying too hard to write something each day; then … Continue reading

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I am a Tree: On Arbor Day

In this edition of Fiction Friday today’s story is “I am a Tree: On Arbor Day;” this story has been told before, but in honor of the holiday we’re posting it again. I am a Tree I am not just … Continue reading

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My Anniversary of The Secret

Today is “My Anniversary of The Secret,” and it was five years ago today that I’d first learned about this amazing secret that has changed my life. The Secret is about the law of attraction and how our thoughts create … Continue reading

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On a quest to Learn

Each day as I try to write something I often feel like I’m “On a quest to Learn,” and to possibly find out more about myself. While doing an Internet search today on this phase “every word is a struggle”. … Continue reading

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Nonchalantly Writing Something

Oh, how I wish I could be “Nonchalantly Writing Something” in my blog each day. Instead of worrying about who is going to be reading my words on the page today. While I do try to write something each day … Continue reading

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Procrastinating Again Today

Yesterday’s post has me thinking about “Procrastinating Again Today,” and here is a quote from that post: “So I’ve been “Procrastinating about writing Today!” Thinking Oh, something will come to mind later to write about, and it’s now later and … Continue reading

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Be a Now Person

On this Earth Day, Sunday, Joel Osteen’s message is titled “Be a Now Person,” and what Joel is talking about today is not putting things off. Things that we would like to accomplish and get done in our lives. Like … Continue reading

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Earth Day Is Tomorrow

I’ve chosen to write about Earth Day today, because “Earth Day Is Tomorrow,” and on Sunday, I usually post or write down my notes from Joel Osteen’s message. The thought that comes to mind today Is the fact that Everyday … Continue reading

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