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The last day of April

There is a reluctance in my mind today to share these thoughts on this “The last day of April,” but this kind of reluctance is really nothing new, as I try to practice my writing each day. Just getting started … Continue reading

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What’s Happening Today?

It is time for another edition of Fiction Friday and Wicked is wondering “What’s Happening Today?” Some of you may remember last Arbor Day’s story? Or The Wedding taking place at Westminster Abbey. Or the “deadliest tornado outbreak” in the … Continue reading

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This Movie: The Secret of Oz

While doing an Internet search yesterday on The Secret…I found “This Movie: The Secret of Oz” and couldn’t stop watching it, with thoughts of I didn’t know that and that’s very interesting! Although watching the movie was very educational for … Continue reading

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Looking down my Throat

I was given a procedure at the Doctor’s office today where they were literally “Looking down my Throat” to see what they could see. I’ve had this dull aching pain in my stomach and my doctor has been treating me … Continue reading

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The Secret: Today is my Anniversary

It was four years ago I first learned about “The Secret: Today is my Anniversary” and by changing my way of thinking this secret has changed my life. To summarize my story in a brief explanation: I was troubled by … Continue reading

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A small portion of the Story

The thought that we only hear “A small portion of the Story” has come into my mind today. There is always more to the story that is left unsaid or edited out for whatever reason. Don’t you think this is … Continue reading

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Leaving a Legacy of Faith: Easter Sunday

On this Easter Sunday with Joel Osteen’s message of “Leaving a Legacy of Faith” we honor Jesus’ legacy of overcoming death on this day by saying, “He has Risen!” As I quote one of my previous entries following this holiday back … Continue reading

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On This Holy Saturday

Writing a few words “On This Holy Saturday” quoting this sentence from the page: “This day commemorates the day that Jesus Christ‘s body laid in the tomb.” Getting ready for Easter Sunday tomorrow and saying, “He has Risen!”  proclaiming my … Continue reading

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Wicked’s conscience is bothering Him

Although today is Good Friday, a religious holiday, in this edition of Fiction Friday we have “Wicked’s conscience is bothering Him;” by the way it is also Earth Day. Now Wicked has made a commitment to write in his blog … Continue reading

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Earth Day is on Good Friday

This year “Earth Day is on Good Friday” and I’ve already posted this entry, but I’d thought I’d do about the same thing and post my previous entries from this date. Last years post was titled Earth Day! and the … Continue reading

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