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McAfee (Fix It)

How many of you out there in the Blogosphere have "McAfee (Fix It)" as another one of things that you have to deal with? It was last night as I was eating dinner when I heard the computer (ding) you know that sound … Continue reading

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Relevant Blog

 Writing in my Blog everyday has become a problem to me because there are days when I don’t know: What is a "Relevant Blog" entry? I should be able to put anything in my Blog that I want to on any given … Continue reading

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Wondering about Visitors

 I am always "Wondering about Visitors" and now with my Statistics page not working correctly, I am even wondering more. I am getting some of my hits showing up, one in particular visitor was this one that I wanted to share with everyone:  … Continue reading

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Old Sony to the Rescue

 What a story have I got to tell you about today the "Old Sony to the Rescue" and I have talked about this old computer before. The Termination of a Computer  was just one of times that I talked about this … Continue reading

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A Stranger in a Strange Land

[Fiction] Friday Challenge for July, 27 2007: This Week’s Theme: Use the word afoot in dialogue. There is no exact time of consciousness of our existence that we can determine by our knowledge but it is there. It is afoot … Continue reading

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Update on Statistics

 I got a response from Technical Support today for an "Update on Statistics" and it looks there is nothing that I can do they’re working on it. Here is what they said, "This issue has been identified by the Windows Live Spaces … Continue reading

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Trouble with Statistics

I am still having "Trouble with Statistics" on my Widows Live Space, I contacted Technical Support and I got a Email from them last night. I didn’t read it until this morning and to make a long story short here is my … Continue reading

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Talking about Finding New Interests

Quote: I clicked on the Blog It link on Finding New Interests in Windows Live Space one of my old entries because I want to see how this works. How am I going to "Learn Something New" if I keep doing … Continue reading

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Everything Changes

 The more I want everything to remain the same the more "Everything Changes" and on Friday Windows Live Spaces had an upgrade. If you’re interested you can read all about the upgrade here at The Space Craft. I also upgraded to Windows Live Writer Beta, I … Continue reading

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Talking about Joel Osteen

  I watched Joel Osteen today and his message was "Be Secure in Who God Made You to Be" and the points that I thought were important to me were; We don’t have to prove ourselves; What you have doesn’t make you … Continue reading

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