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This beautiful spring like Day

Today my thoughts are on “This beautiful spring like Day,” and here it is on the last day of January with temperatures approaching the 50° mark. Just about all the snow has melted and only the small remnants of snow … Continue reading

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Writing Rhetorical Mumbo Jumbo

Today’s thoughts about “Writing Rhetorical Mumbo Jumbo” are an idea that I had after finding out some unpleasant news today that I really don’t care to share. But this commitment to myself to write something in my blog every day … Continue reading

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Praying Bold Prayers

This is the last Sunday of the month of January in the New Year, and Joel Osteen’s  message is titled “Praying Bold Prayers,” what are you praying to God to receive? These are my notes that I took today as … Continue reading

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Writing A Few Words

I don’t know how anyone can make “Writing A Few Words” so difficult? But for some reason I’ve managed to do this: As I try putting a few words together each day with my writing practice at this site. Looking … Continue reading

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An End To Where Wicked Began

Today’s edition of Fiction Friday is titled “An End To Where Wicked Began,” because over at the Write Anything site it says: “Please Note This Will Be The Final [Fiction] Friday Challenge!“ and here is the link to my first … Continue reading

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Changing thoughts into Words

I had absolutely no idea that the simple act of “Changing thoughts into Words” could be so complicated. It certainly sounds simple enough to me but then I found out that this is a conduit metaphor: “operates whenever people speak … Continue reading

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State of the Union Address

As I watched President Obama’s speech last night in his State of the Union Address  to the nation. There was a feeling of hope that American is back on track to solve the problems from this devastating recession we’ve experienced. … Continue reading

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